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Reasons why you should signup right now ...
First of all you should signup now because it is free for the first 60 days. After this period the hosting of your Home Page is still free, but we will charge a small fee for the banner advertisment. This service will cost you only $5.95 per month (see pricing policy: if you join our Associates Program banner advertisment is free too).

Please note that we will only charge you if you explicitly agree to use our banner advertising service. After 60 days, we will contact you via email and show you how to signup for permanent banner advertising. At that time we will need your credit-card information.


Your advantages in a nutshell ...
  • Free banner advertising for 60 days (see pricing policy).
  • Free Home Page at (up to 100 K).
  • Most search engines count the links to indexed sites. Thus, links from your Home Page at pointing to your site will increase the "weight" of your site.


As you see, there is no reason not to Signup now!

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